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Empowering Donors to Connect with Local Charities. Providing Help & Hope in the Fight Against Hunger in the Tulsa Area.

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“Hunger is often identified as famine in a third-world country, but hunger has become a local problem of epidemic proportions,” said Connie Cronley, executive director at Iron Gate.

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma reports 17 percent of residents in Tulsa County are food insecure, meaning approximately 1 in 6 people are unsure where they will get their next meal.

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Emergency Infant Services, Iron Gate and Lawyers Against Hunger have come together to raise community awareness and donations to collaboratively help tackle hunger.

“Although each of these entities has a slightly different approach, we are all committed to fighting hunger,” said Eileen Bradshaw, executive director of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. “We recognize we are stronger when we work together; hunger is too big of an issue for any one of us to take on alone.”

The “Live Local, Give Local” campaign encourages Tulsans to support these grass-roots organizations who are using donations from this campaign to help fight hunger in the Tulsa area.

“Tulsans can take pride in knowing that these four organizations are partnering together to help fight hunger here in our own backyard,” said Tom Taylor, executive director of Emergency Infant Services. “Together we can help families, from infants to seniors, sleep better at night by not worrying as much as where their next meal may come from. Gifts given to these local agencies will help make Tulsa and surrounding communities a better place to live.”

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Lawyers Against HungerIron Gate
Emergency Infant ServicesCommunity Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma